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Introducing the afterdarkads VIP program!

afterdarkads the best escorts, adult classifieds and bsite like backpage has grown in leaps in bounds since the launch just a few short months ago. traffic is better than ever, and advertisers report getting great calls from great clients.

The free trial period to post ads has expired. To fight spam, keep advertising and growing the site, and bring you the best results from your ads, we have to charge a small fee to post. ads now cost just $1 to post a basic ad.

Prices for premium features remain the same, and although you may at first be upset to hear you must now pay to post, lets take a look at the actual BENEFITS this brings you.

We work hard to fight spam posters and fake ads, but they get more clever every day. The one thing we KNOW works to stop them is making them pay to post an ad. No spammer wants to pay to collect cell numbers. They have to post so many ads, charging even just a small amount makes their operation not profitable. Furthermore, it is VERY difficult for them to use our payment systems from overseas. As MOST are located in India or Bangladesh, charging just a $1 almost eliminates them from being able to post.

Spam posters destroy classified ads sites like ours. Advertisers like you have to spend SO MUCH it becomes not worth it. They also scare off clients, the clients grow sick of sorting through fake ads, so wont return when a site is cluttered with fakes. We MUST keep them off the site.

Afterdarkads wants to keep you making money from your ads. That is why we are introducing our new VIP program. This will allow a user to pay a small monthly fee, and be able to post virtually as much as you want! The cost is less than a $1 a day, and the value is in the hundreds of dollars a month!

VIP members get ALL of the following for just $30 a month.

  1. ALL of your ads are upgraded to VERIFIED. (A $200 value per month MIN!)
  2. you get $100 in credits added to you account to post featured ads, extend ads, and more.
  3. Access to the VIP area of the site with helpful tips, tools advertising help and more.
  4. special pricing on extra credits, featured ad highlights and more!

The VIP program allows you to pay 1 time per month and not worry about paying for each ad. It allows you to be easily able to afford to advertise a lot and often. You can out advertise your competition, and drastically increase your odds clients see your ad!

The verified feature alone tells clients you are real, not LE, and they can call and book you with confidence!

To become a VIP, simply visit, and buy the $30 VIP PACK.

Complete your order, and within min you will be upgraded to VIP, will receive your $100 credits, and your ads all booted to VERIFIED!

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