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Afterdarkads and covid-19, doing all we can to help.

afterdarkads the best escorts, adult classifieds and bsite like backpage

The current crisis with covid-19 is hurting people around the world, both with their health, and their wallets… Escorts and advertisers doing adult work, dancers, body rubs, and other similar sexwork are some of the hardest hit and most at risk.

We at are doing what we can to help our advertisers in these tough times. All credit purchases are now 2 for 1, essentially making the cost to advertise 50% off. Visit to buy credits, and whatever purchase you make, double will be deposited.

This will continue for the duration of the crisis.  Sadly we can not make it free… we tried, and those DAMN spam posters from India and Bangladesh posted over 2000 ads in 24 hrs. As we have stated before, we will NOT allow fake ads from spam posters pretending to be escorts to post on afterdarkads. Forcing them to pay even a small bit destroys their profits, and prevents most from posting.

Their garbage fake escort posts force REAL advertisers to spend more and post more to be seen, they decrease the number of calls real advertisers ads get, and end up making the clients not want to visit the site, because they, like all of us, are sick of the fake ads. Ads advertising other sites OPENLY, will be allowed, but commercial posters pay a $250 registration fee, and the cost is double per post than a real advertiser or normal escort.

We are committed to helping our REAL advertisers and not forcing them to compete with spam like other sites. Afterdarkads has now given over $25,000 to charities supporting sexworkers affected by the virus crisis. ANY advertiser that is continuing to work, and can not afford advertising, please message us at We will find a way to help you. We want our advertisers to be safe! We are advising escorts and sexworkers to NOT be active during these times seeing clients. We know that is tough, but help is available… your health and safety are more important than any bill…

For anyone looking to find alternative work, PLEASE consider working online doing cam shows. Visit to get signed up for Cams. This site has more current active PAYING members than any other 3 sites combined, weekly payouts, and by far the best service and advertising in the industry. Once you are signed up, email us at with your affiliate name, we will make sure you are managed by a representative we have working with them.

Cam traffic is up almost 50% during these times, as everyone is at home online! Cash in and be safe!

 Lastly, we are excited to announce that we are EXPLODING! Our traffic is up over 10,000 percent since December, we are the number 1 search result on google for MANY of the best search strings… see for yourself! Search “adult classifieds” or Denver Backpage,  Miami Backpage… and MANY more… you will see us as first page and number 1 results!

What does this mean? It means there are more clients on the site looking for you than EVER! Maybe you posted back in November, and didn’t get any calls… well things have changed!

Get a FRESH add up, and see the amazing results! We encourage our advertisers to join the easy VIP program. For less than $1 a day, you get $100 in free ad credits for upgrades, all of your ads marked “VERIFIED” and unlimited free posts! Our advertise the competition! We beg of all of you to be safe and take care of yourselves during these tough times… please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help!

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