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How to avoid fakes, don’t get scammed by fake escort ads

afterdarkads the best escorts, adult classifieds and bsite like backpage
afterdarkads is the best adult classifieds and escort ads for adult escorts and is a backpage replacement and site like backpage

A sad fact of life is every place you go, you will find scammers. Fake escorts and backpage classifieds, fake services, frauds, flakes and this certainly holds true for the world of escorts

Updated March 26, 2020

Because of the nature of the escort and provider business, scammers and bad citizens are attracted to it to take advantage of potential clients. They may be unwilling to go to law enforcement if they’re scammed and/or robbers. Take the time to read this guide on spotting fake ads to avoid being scammed or ripped off..

Here at we’ve seen several types of scams that escort clients have to deal with:

  1. Escort ads made so people can just steal deposits.
  2. Many escort ads where people try to steal your credit card information.
  3. And for instance escort ads made for the purpose of blackmailing anyone that contacts the “adult escort” in the ads.
  4. Providers and escorts that don’t look anything like their photos
  5. An appointments with escorts that is nothing but a setup for a robbery

Great Ways to spot a fake post and avoid being scammed

This list does not guarantee that you will identify 100% of scams. They are reliable signs of fake escort ads or an adult escort that is not real:

  1. The post is overly vulgar and direct. For example, “Horny housewife wants your dick in her mouth rght now!“. Another sure sign is horrible English, as they are witted by Men in India and Bangladesh. “make fuck with dick me I horny alone with no husband” is most not going to be a real escort. An escort in Dallas, talking like a 7-11 worker reading from a bollywood porn script is not a real escort..
  2. The adult classified ads show overly sexualized photos or shows actual sex.
  3. The escort ads are too good to be true. If photos in the ad looks anything like super models,, and the ad says they offer $50 QV, move on. These are photos stolen from somewhere on the Internet. If you’ve talked to the provider and prices seem more realistic, make sure you verify the image of the person. Supermodels don’t give $50 blowjobs in cars. If they did, the world would be a very different place.

Always use the best backpage alternative, afterdarkads!

  1. The photos in the escort ads look like someone’s Facebook photo profile. Scammers are running automated programs that go out and download random images from Facebook. They then they use those to create unique ads, making it harder to spot the scams. Remember that providers are trying to sell you something. If the post’s photos don’t look like they’re trying to make a sale, be wary. VERY few escorts on sites like backpage and afterdarkads, or any backpage replacement site show their faces. Usually use pics that disguise their real identity.
  2. Posts where someone is called a police informant. Or posts giving you an address of a provider and saying “come on over”. “I just love sex, everything is free”. These posts are made by competitors or jilted/annoyed exes in an attempt to harass a provider.
  3. Posts that ask you to join an Onlyfans site or some other cam site or any site you pay for.

Verify the image of an escort or provider

By verifying their image, we mean making sure the provider looks like their photos.

Ask the provider to send you a photo of themselves holding up 3 fingers. Holding up a piece of paper with a handwritten word on it. MANY escorts will not do this, and say so right in their ad. We understand both sides. Many escorts get blown up with texts all day asking for pics. MOST times the guy asking never books. Escorts posting on adult classified ads sites don’t want their time wasted any more than you want to be scammed.

Realize that there are Picture Collectors out there. They call up escorts and ask for photos, and then never end up seeing them, wasting a provider’s time. Most escorts are aware of this type of “customer”. One verification photo or a short video chat should be fine.

A great way to ask is like this:

“I understand that there are pic collectors out there, but I’m not one of those. There are a lot of scams out there, and I would just like to make sure you’re real. Please send me a photo of yourself in the mirror holding up 3 fingers. No nudity is necessary.”

If the escort refuses to send you a the photo, or video chat with you, move on — there are others out there. They send you a photo without the piece of paper or without holding up 3 fingers that you asked for, ask again. If you still don’t get the photo, move on.

Types of fake ads

Escort Ads made for stealing deposits

Fake ads that are set up to sucker a client in with the goal of stealing a deposit for the date. Real escorts and backpage classifieds on afterdarkads. Once they get the deposit, they cancel at the last minute or simply never show up for the meeting or give the room number. Some do this after you have traveled to the supposed incall location, and desperate clients wanting the meeting so badley will still send the deposit, even knowing its most likely a scam… most are not even trying to get anything big… just $25..

This type of scam is done by a wide range of people — from con artists in Bangladesh/Nigeria to regular Western women, who do look like their photos and make a better living asking for deposits or “payment up front” rather than actually providing services.

Afterdarkads does not allow fake escort ads!

In the escort and adult massage business, there are plenty of bad clients, they set appointments and dont show, or make escorts travel across town only to ghost them.. One can see how this can be very annoying for a provider, and cost them both time and money. Real escorts and backpage classifieds on

For both incalls and outcalls, we recommend talking with a provider first. Initial contact by text is fine, but if the provider refuses to talk to you, this is a huge red flag. Then you should verify their image.

 Ask the provider what area she serves first, without telling her where you are located. This is because a lot of deposit scammers make multiple posts with multiple accounts in different cities. If they ask you where you are located, or don’t tell you, move on. When you are unsure, ask if they are near the Megaplex or make up a name of a location…

What if the provider tells you that:

  • they don’t accept cash for security reasons
  • you have to send a deposit because that will prove you’re not working for the police
  • they’ve received counterfeit money before and now only accept online/electronic payments/ gift cards
  • they only want to be paid in gift cards
  • you must join their private snapchat or onlyfans or some other cam site first before a meetup (and it only costs very little…)

then move on: these are all sure tells that it is not a real adult escort or body rub provider

Ads where a scammer steals your credit card.

Again, similar to the Real escorts and backpage classifieds on afterdarkads, fake deposit ads, these ads use photos of very good-looking people works very hard to find and eliminate these ads… but they do slip through.

The goal here is to get you to contact the person who posted the ad. They will typically reply very quickly, saying that they can meet up with you whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is “verify your identity” — for the safety of the escort… (yea right)

They’ll send you to a site that looks very legit, typically with a direct link to their profile This profile photo will always show your current location as the location of the “escort” in question. Its a scam.

These sites will then have you sign up to “verify your identity”. Some will use age as a reason. Sometimes they will say they won’t charge your credit card, other times they may charge your credit card a dollar.

The ENTIRE aim of this scam is to steal your credit card information.

Escorts that don’t look like their photos

This one happens somewhat frequently. Even on , although other sites like backpage and backpage replacements it happens far more. You see a gorgeous girl in an advertisement:

You call her, she sounds super sweet, 60 minutes later she’s knocking at your door, you open the door in your robe, all ready to greet her and then kaaaboom!

Let’s just say, this wasn’t just a little bit of photoshopping.

In other circumstances, Real escorts and backpage classifieds on afterdarkads, avoid the fakes! you may have responded to an ad with a blonde photos, then a brunette arrives at your door, This happens when escorts work together, the person you call is busy, and they send their friend, thinking if any escort shows up at your door, you aren’t going to turn them away.

The easiest way to guard against this is, when you’re making an appointment, politely ask to verify the provider’s image.

When communicating with the provider by email, you may want to write something like:

Hi Jenna, before we set a meeting, I’m hoping you can send me a photo of you holding up a paper with the writing ‘Hi Fred‘ on it. I know your time is valuable, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but in the past I’ve been a victim of a bait-and-switch a few times: I respect your privacy and I don’t need to see any nude photos, again just to make sure you look like the photos in the ad

This will both give the provider a sense of security as you’re letting them know you’ve been with providers before. Real escorts and backpage classifieds on afterdarkads, avoid the fakes! acknowledging your respect for their time and privacy, and showing that you’re a polite person. If the provider doesn’t want to take a couple minutes to snap a few photos proving that their photos are real, then either they aren’t real, or they’re not going to give you good service. Skip the BS and move on.

Avoiding robberies by providers and escorts

There are two main types of robberies that happen in this business:

  1. Meetings that are setups for a robbery
  2. Opportunistic robberies, where you pay your provider an agreed-upon fee, and they suddenly dash out of the hotel room with the money. Alternatively, you may be robbed whilst you’re in the shower or some variation on this.

Realize that you can never be 100% safe in this business, especially if you’re seeing a provider in an area where prostitution is illegal or semi-legal. Some providers will take advantage of this by wagering that you won’t go to the police if they rob you. Accept that there will always be some risk, and that your best course of action is to minimize your risks, and if something bad does happen to minimize the potential damage.

  1. Never bring and unknown escort to your own place of residence, regardless of whether you are single or not.
  2. Get the escort to verify their image with you.
  3. When seeing an escort on an incall, only bring the money you need for your date and a possible tip. Don’t bring your wallet nor any of your ID.
  4. If you are driving to the provider’s place, and it isn’t an upscale hotel, park at least half a block away and walk to the location. You can choose to leave your key in a magnetic car lock box under your car, or hide it, this saves having your keys get “lost” in the incall.

Afterdarkads is the new craigslist personals alternative.

  1. When seeing a provider at their incall, walking into the room, greet the escort nicely and take a look around to make sure no one else is there. Make sure the door is then locked with the chain to prevent anyone else from entering and surprising you. If the provider gets worried when you do this, just smile and say, “I once got robbed by an escorts partner entering with a key she’d given her boyfriend, so I have to do this for my own security. Real escorts and backpage classifieds on afterdarkads, avoid the fakes!
  2. If you’re seeing a provider in your own hotel room, make sure you have the cash to pay them, and lock away your wallet and any valuables like a phone or wristwatch in the room safe, or hide them somewhere out of reach.
  3. Don’t give a provider money to “pay for the hotel room”, or to “buy condoms in the store” or to “pay for parking” — in short, to walk out for kind of errand before you start your session. If a hotel room needs to be paid first, walk with the provider over to the desk to pay, or go pay it yourself, then return.
  4. Talk to a provider on the phone before meeting, and ask for the provider verify their image, or video chat with you.
  5. If you are not single, or are worried about friends finding out about you seeing a provider, do not use your own personal/work email or phone to contact a provider.
  6. Paying for services in advance will depend on your relationship with the provider.

If you know of a scam ad somewhere on our site,

please email us regarding the ad, provide the ad id or a link to it.

If you have been scammed, please include screen captures of all messages between you and the provider and a screen capture of any money transfer you’ve made. You may blur out any of your personal information in the transfer except your name. Afterdarkads does NOT tolorate anyone ripping off our users. But dont forget, this works both ways, if you plan to scam or rip off our advertisers, expect blowback! Another place you can report scams and fake ads is on works very hard to run a clean site, devoid of human trafficking, scams and fake ads. We will not tolerate any of this, ESPECIALLY trafficking or sexual slavery situations. If you see anything that looks to you like it could be a sexual slavery/ human trafficking situation PLEASE report it to your local police AND to us here, by sending us all the details of the encounter you can. We will protect your identity, we WILL do all we can to stop the situation. Underage kids, sex slaves, anyone being forced into a situation, anyone that looks like they are or have been abused, PLEASE help us help those people by reporting it immediately!

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Afterdarkads and covid-19, doing all we can to help.

afterdarkads the best escorts, adult classifieds and bsite like backpage

The current crisis with covid-19 is hurting people around the world, both with their health, and their wallets… Escorts and advertisers doing adult work, dancers, body rubs, and other similar sexwork are some of the hardest hit and most at risk.

We at are doing what we can to help our advertisers in these tough times. All credit purchases are now 2 for 1, essentially making the cost to advertise 50% off. Visit to buy credits, and whatever purchase you make, double will be deposited.

This will continue for the duration of the crisis.  Sadly we can not make it free… we tried, and those DAMN spam posters from India and Bangladesh posted over 2000 ads in 24 hrs. As we have stated before, we will NOT allow fake ads from spam posters pretending to be escorts to post on afterdarkads. Forcing them to pay even a small bit destroys their profits, and prevents most from posting.

Their garbage fake escort posts force REAL advertisers to spend more and post more to be seen, they decrease the number of calls real advertisers ads get, and end up making the clients not want to visit the site, because they, like all of us, are sick of the fake ads. Ads advertising other sites OPENLY, will be allowed, but commercial posters pay a $250 registration fee, and the cost is double per post than a real advertiser or normal escort.

We are committed to helping our REAL advertisers and not forcing them to compete with spam like other sites. Afterdarkads has now given over $25,000 to charities supporting sexworkers affected by the virus crisis. ANY advertiser that is continuing to work, and can not afford advertising, please message us at We will find a way to help you. We want our advertisers to be safe! We are advising escorts and sexworkers to NOT be active during these times seeing clients. We know that is tough, but help is available… your health and safety are more important than any bill…

For anyone looking to find alternative work, PLEASE consider working online doing cam shows. Visit to get signed up for Cams. This site has more current active PAYING members than any other 3 sites combined, weekly payouts, and by far the best service and advertising in the industry. Once you are signed up, email us at with your affiliate name, we will make sure you are managed by a representative we have working with them.

Cam traffic is up almost 50% during these times, as everyone is at home online! Cash in and be safe!

 Lastly, we are excited to announce that we are EXPLODING! Our traffic is up over 10,000 percent since December, we are the number 1 search result on google for MANY of the best search strings… see for yourself! Search “adult classifieds” or Denver Backpage,  Miami Backpage… and MANY more… you will see us as first page and number 1 results!

What does this mean? It means there are more clients on the site looking for you than EVER! Maybe you posted back in November, and didn’t get any calls… well things have changed!

Get a FRESH add up, and see the amazing results! We encourage our advertisers to join the easy VIP program. For less than $1 a day, you get $100 in free ad credits for upgrades, all of your ads marked “VERIFIED” and unlimited free posts! Our advertise the competition! We beg of all of you to be safe and take care of yourselves during these tough times… please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help!

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Afterdarkads and Corona Virus / COVID-19

In response to the current uncertainty and fear that the presence of the corona virus COVID-19 has caused, we wanted to assure you that we are taking precautions and monitoring the situation closely. We will be doing all we can to help our advertisers and the community. We BEG of our advertisers to use the highest precautions and take all possible preventative measures, in your personal life and when working. Below you will find some things we are doing for our advertisers to help them financially in these tough times.

We have empowered our employees with resources based on the CDC guidelines. Explicit instructions on preventative measures have been distributed as well as instructions on proper self-care and revised work policies have been put in place. Our commitment to employee safety and health along with the safety and health of their loved ones has and will always be a top priority for afterdarkads.

We know that this situation is causing extreme hardships for our advertisers. We have several options and opportunities for our advertisers looking to make money in work from home and potentially safer situations than their normal work usually entails. Please contact us at with the subject “work help” if you are interested in hearing what these opportunities entail.

We are committed to helping the community and our advertisers in any way we can.

We are also cutting rates for advertising by 50%, Any advertisers having trouble paying for an ad, please reach out so we can discuss options for you. We are here to help.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. team

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Afterdarkads is “garbage”?

afterdarkads the best escorts, adult classifieds and bsite like backpage

I had the misfortune and unpleasant experience of heading once again down the rabbit hole that is twitter, and worse, browsing postings and tweets from escorts on twitter.

Please don’t misunderstand, for the most part I see sexworkers advertising themselves, posting some pretty hot content, and interacting… but there is another side of it all… an seemingly angry and hateful side.

A site contributor of afterdarkads and one of our greatest proponent’s, RisaJ pointed me to a discussion regarding

Many escorts and advertisers were reporting horrid results, and were very frustrated (understandable), some were happy with the platform. There was some of the typical client bashing/hate, but what shocked me was seeing a prominent and I thought respected Provider from NY bash our site calling the platform “garbage” and refusing to “recommend babes lower their standards to advertising on that site”, after our Social Media director used our twitter account ( to suggest us as an alternative for anyone unhappy with tryst.

Thankfully the tweet has since been removed, and thank you for that, but it is something we see all to often. This apparent attitude from the escort that charges $800+ an hour and accepts Saks gift cards or 1st class airfare as deposits, that any sexworker charging $150 and advertising on a backpage replacement site like is “garbage”, that there is something “wrong” with being a sexworker that advertises on sites like afterdarkads, that the escorts on sites like backpage are beneath them. That it is ok to bash and insult anyone without a $2500 website and a professional photographer.

I would love to ask who exactly they were referring to when this person called afterdarkads “garbage”? Was it the mother of 3 in Seattle that advertises her phone sex line? Or the escort in Denver who knows that “denver backpage” is the best google result for SW’rs in her city, therefore brings the most traffic to her $1 ad that gets her 2 or 3 bookings the one day she posts it per week… allowing her to pay ALL of her bills and spend the rest of the week finishing her masters. Is it the TS provider in Chicago that advertises her outreach program? I want to know who is the garbage that she referred to.

Becasue afterdark ads IS our advertisers. We the owners are sexworkers. I personally escorted for over 13 years. My partner 10. The writers for our SEO are all current sexworkers. Once again, afterdarkads IS our advertisers, so who is garbage?

Garbage is the “fellow” sexworker that puts down other providers. Garbage is the woman putting other women down rather than building them up.

Maybe she felt the Gay, Lesbian and Transexual providers we give free advertising to are the garbage. I don’t know. I was NOT insulted as the site owner, I got over that a long time ago. The hate mail from so called Christians alone gave me tough skin. I could care less in that regard. I am not insulted as the business owner or creator, I am insulted as a SW’r and woman and an escort.

We have given tens of thousands of dollars in free advertising away, we give free advertising help, website work, and much more all to help build our advertisers businesses. we link our advertisers personal websites in ways to help their SEO, we EXPLAIN SEO to them, and provide free help in that regard. We are doing our best to make our money from selling ads to outside sites and cam sites, as opposed to charging our SW”rs to post. We pay for development, employees, marketing, SEO, security, legal fees, and much more, all at a loss, to help others in this industry. We do this because we know our advertisers are NOT garbage. We ARE our advertisers.

Want to know what I feel is garbage? Her understanding of advertising. Her lack of knowledge regarding branding, SEO, and more, and her attitude towards SW’s that use sites like afterdarkads.

I looked at her rates. BARE min you can see her for is $800.

Lets do some math.

Tryst is basically an avg of $70/month for most people. $840 a year. Lets say that her ad gets just ONE booking per year, she breaks even. 2 and she is making a 100% return on her money, thats IF she only books a 1 hour date.

I would say that if she is at ALL confident in her appearance, booking procedures, closing procedures, screening and follow through, this is a solid investment.

That same advertisement on afterdarkads would cost her aprox $10 a month, $120 a year… if it resulted in just ONE booking, she would see a profit of $680. 2 bookings would net her $1480. That is about the same profit margin as buying amazon stock in the late 90’s.

BUT… I know, there are things to consider, she is above posting on our garbage site with the other garbage.

Also, the guys that spend $800+ an hour are not searching afterdarkads, they are only on sites like Tryst right?


There are 2 basic types of man looking to book an escort, the hobbyist, and the first timer. The hobbyist sees escorts often, knows what sites to look on for what he seeks, and “knows the drill”. The first timer is the husband on vacation, the guy that saw “a hooker once when he was overseas in the military”, the older man unfamiliar with the internet and what it offers. The reclusive wealthy bookish engineer that does this once a year.

They take to google and search “escorts denver” or “escorts atlanta” and start clicking away at those top 10 results. They search for things like “adult classifieds” and are the types that actually sign up for ashley madison thinking they are really gonna find a bored milf that wants to fuck for free.

They are often scared, unsure of what is real… they text the first ad they see using pics of Kate Upton claiming to be “need hard dick for fuck now” hoping that a girl that looks like her is really on a website offering “hot sex with my breast for you” for $100qv. They dont know what QV is anyway.

And who are they? The owner of the New England Patriots used a site like to find the AMP he went to in Florida.

PLEASE tell me there are no men using afterdarkads to find sexworkers and escorts that can afford or will pay $800/hr. PLEASE. There are just as many using us that can as can not.

So Should $800+ an hour escorts use a site like afterdarkads? Absolutly! Why? Branding. Here are 2 examples of COMMON everyday occurrences.

  1. The hobbyist. He knows the deal. Today he does not have time, nor need for a 2 hour Proper Introduction that costs $1200, hes looking to get a quick blowjob before a meeting. He does not want to go through screening, he does not have the time to wait for a email response. He wants to call, get an address… show up to an incall, call again for a room number, pay $200, get taken care of without buying “agent provocateur” and a red Burgundy wine as gifts before stopping at multiple atm’s to get more cash than his daily limit. He makes more in a month than the escort charging $800/hr makes in a year, and could afford anything he wants… and today he wants a easy QV. He uses a site like afterdarkads KNOWING that a large percentage of the advertisers fit perfectly into what he wants. Its too bad he did not see the ad our $800+ an hour escort never posted because she is so much better than reducing her standards to advertising on a site like afterdarkads. Its too bad because later this month he is heading to Aspen skiing and wanted the company of a beautiful woman. To bad because had he seen her ad, he may of bookmarked her website for later. To bad because later when he DID go to tryst or slixa looking for his ski bunny, and saw her ad there as well… he would be MORE likely to look again, and possibly book. He has been “branded”
  2. The First timer, he googles away with random searches, “escorts near me” and “I want to get a blowjob now”. He stumbles on Tryst, browses every profile. is scared off by “screening”. He does not have a reference. He does not want to send his ID and phone to a stranger, he is sure half are fake ads, the other half all cops. He does not want to be on “the John List” or 6pm news. He abandons his search 3 times. Goes back. EVERY site he is on,, tryst, slixa adultsearch, bedpage, EVERY one has an ad for our $800/hr girl. This leads him to believe she is real. She is not a scam. He finds escort reviews, he finds more sites… EVERY SITE has her on there. No way she is a cop, no way its fake… the sheer force put into advertising proves to him she is as driven about her business as she is pleasing him in bed (what he is paying for!) He spends time looking at her pics EVERY time he sees her on EVERY site. He revisits her own website over and over, driving her SEO higher. Bringing her website better traffic being linked in to so many more authoritative sites.

Was it really the ad on any one site that made him finally decide to book? Can you really say that seeing the ad on xyz site was what ACTUALLY made him book? NO It was being BRANDED and seeing her as often as possible on every site out there that led him to book. What is branding? What do you clean your ears with? NO not q-tips, they are cotton swabs… q-tips are a BRAND and you saw it and heard of them so many times you are branded and think of them when you need to clean ears. Kleenex? NO, tissues. The best part of waking up… is WHAT in your cup? There is a reason advertisers run ads for their products in as many places as they can. Do you really think you as a SW’r are different? You are marketing a service, a product. You should advertise yourself in as many places as you can reaching as many POTENTIAL customers as you can. Adult Classifieds, Escort Ads, Rubmaps, It is not the ad on any one site that will get you those CEO’s and new regular clients that drop a $500 tip every time. Its the CULMINATION of your ads on ALL of these sites.

An ad on Afterdarkads costs $1. It is not worth $1 to expand your SEO by getting a backlink? Not worth $1 to run the chance you will be seen by the hobbyist that does not KNOW where to find $800+ hour girls because hes never searched for one before? Not WORTH $1 to expand your reach and branding? As SW’rs we need to understand advertising and marketing. Branding is advertising/marketing 101.

As I said, afterdarkads IS our advertisers. They are not “garbage” . The garbage is a person that attacks others without reason or cause. Garbage is the SW”rt that thinks she is batter than any other SW’r because of how or where she advertises. Garbage is not having any clue of who you are insulting and trying to tear down.

If there is anyone out there that wants further help with ad placement, SEO, website work or anything else, PLEASE… reach out to us. We have a staff that is not only your fellow garbage SW”s, but very knowledgeable and VERY successful. We know how to get ad results. We know how to increase your sales and profits, and we are MORE than happy to help our garbage members and advertisers. We love you, we ARE you.

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Afterdarkads VIP Program

VIP Program

COST: $30/month

  2. $100 credits to buy featured ads, extend ads, and more
  3. ALL ads upgraded to VERIFIED
  4. Free access to VIP benefits page, with tools, tips, ad help and more!

How?: Visit

  1. pick your purchase method (credit card, gift card, venmo/cashap/moneypack)
  2. select the $30 VIP PACK
  3. submit your order
  4. THAT’S IT! your ads will be upgraded and you will get your $100 in credits right away!

Prepay and save! 4 months of VIP for $100, 6 months for $150 1 year for $250! Just send in the appropriate amount with an order on and add VIP to your user name. (example, if your username is ‘missy21 make it missy21VIP) everything will be taken care of automatically!